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This Day in History – May 15th – Hijinx, Humor, and Insight


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1252 – Pope Innocent IV issues Papal Bull Ad Extirpanda.

A decree that allowed torture to be used. This was during the Spanish Inquisition,and the Pope basically said that church law superseded civil law. It was rationalized as a way of arriving at the “truth” for when the victim went to trial.

I wonder if Dick Cheney is somehow related to Pope Innocent IV?


1829 – Joseph Smith ordained by John the Baptist.

joseph smith

Smith founded the Mormon religion and the Church of Latter Day Saints. From LDS.org: “John [the Baptist] held the Aaronic Priesthood, and was a legal administrator, and the forerunner of Christ, and came to prepare the way before him.” Previously Smith was visited by God and Jesus Christ and told he should start a new religion. He was praying in the woods with his scribe Oliver Cowdery when, according to Smith,  “a messenger from heaven descended in a cloud of light, and having laid his hands upon us, he ordained us.”

Smith is now viewed as a prophet and millions hold him in the highest of esteem.

I initially was going to comment with something snarky. Something along the lines of why do some people, when they have a “vision,” get to start a religion, while others are derided or institutionalized for life? But Smith was confronted with much conflict, derision ,and hostility. He had to fight for control as others had competing visions, including scribe Oliver Cowdery. The people of Ohio, where they settled, were not happy with the Mormons. Smith was beset upon, tarred, and feathered at one point, and eventually killed by a mob. So Smith did suffer the plight of many who claimed to have had a vision or visit from God.

I think I’ll keep my visions to myself. A religion with a membership of one is good enough for me.


1869 – National Women’s Suffrage Association founded.

Stanton Ross

The 15th Amendment allowed black men to vote. Susan B. Anthony (right) and Elizabeth Cady Stanton (left) opposed it because it did not also allow women to vote. They split with the National Women’s Party who believed it was at least a fundamental step in the right direction. They also thought the old association had too many men in control. It took fifty years, and with the two factions reunited, before the 19th Amendment, allowing women to vote, was passed in 1919.



1902 – Richard J. Daly. Mayor of Chicago for 21 years.

He ran the city with an iron-handed efficiency. A staunch Democrat, he helped John Kennedy win Cook county and Illinois in the 1960 presidential election. He is famous for his quote, “Vote early, and often.” It helped create the myth that Daly stole Illinois, and the election, from Richard Nixon. In reality, even if Nixon had won Illinois, JFK would still have had 277 electoral votes and he needed 269 to win.

Daly was also mayor during the tumultuous 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. There was mayhem both on the streets and in the convention hall. There is a famous close-up of him shouting what appeared to be profanities at a speaker. And he also presided over what is sometimes called a “police riot,” as police beat demonstrators in the streets. He made another famous quote at that time. “The policeman is not here to create disorder. The policeman is here to preserve disorder.” A slip of the tongue that captured the moment perfectly.

I was watching the chaotic events unfolding on TV with an uncle. He was in his seventies and had been a Doughboy in France during WWI. He shook his head sadly and said, “This isn’t what America is supposed to be.” Now I’m old and find myself watching TV, shaking my head, and thinking, “This isn’t what America is supposed to be.”


1936 – Anna Maria Alberghetti. Italian singer and actress who appeared on the Ed Sullivan show 53 times.

I grew up in a small town that was still heavily influenced by the Germans who had settled there. So in a town full of guttural sounding surnames, it was fun just to say Anna Maria Alberghetti. As kids, it made us feel more cosmopolitan. I remember her name more than her career or talent.


1937 – Madeleine Albright.

madeline albright

Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Albright, a naturalized U.S. citizen, became the first female Secretary of State. At the time, it was the highest appointment a woman had received in the U.S. government. Earlier she had been the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Adds Wikipedia: “Although in 1998 she did argue for U.S. military action in Iraq, in an interview given to Newsweek International published July 24, 2006, Albright gave her opinion on current U.S. foreign policy. Albright said: ‘I hope I’m wrong, but I’m afraid that Iraq is going to turn out to be the greatest disaster in American foreign policy – worse than Vietnam.'”

No comment. History will decide.



At various junctures of his life, Gary has been an indifferent grade school student, poor high school student, good Navy radioman, one-time hippie, passable college student, inveterate traveler, dedicated writer, miscast accountant (except for one interesting stint at a Communist café), part-time screenwriting teacher, semi-proud veteran, unsuccessful retiree and new blogger.

You can reach him at gary@newswhistle.com.



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