This Week’s Perfect Pairing – A White Burgundy With…


THE WINE: Duvernay Père et Fils Mercurey Blanc “Chiquette” 2018



Good white Burgundy always sends me. Why? Well, besides being the ultimate expression of the Chardonnay grape, it always speaks to me in a personal way.

The southern gal in me always falls for a pecan-shell scented nose that reflects the winemaker’s use of used French oak. The Francophile in me loves the tell-tale hint of quatre épices on both nose and pear-tinged palate, that makes it a perfect foil for roast chicken.

Lazy me loves it with creamy Brie and crusty bread. Industrious me will make a sole méunière for the right occasion.

Vegetarians, you have it easy: pommes de terre au beurre salé et crème fraîche!



Beth first became interested in wine while studying French in college and seeing wines on special (3 bottles for $7!) at her local supermarket. She thought they would be great to sip on while watching various 1980s-era mini series on TV. Noticing the effect that tannins had on her tongue, she realized she was onto something a lot cooler than the usual sweet plonk she’d tried on previous occasions.

Later, travelling both domestically and internationally for her job as a paralegal, she put her expense account to use to try wines she’d only read about in wine publications. Her love of food already firmly in place, she decided to strengthen her wine education and relished the challenge of pairing everything she ate with something just right. After a stint in medical school, during which she still studied wine to relax, she decided to turn a hobby into a vocation and took her first job at a small New York City shop specializing in good-value wines. That was twenty-one years ago.

She now works at a large wine and spirits shop in New York, as a buyer, selecting wines for the store, and as a salesperson, helping a fantastic array of customers find the perfect bottle for their dinner each evening. She enjoys the good luck she has in being able to incorporate what she loves into her work. She doesn’t mind it when people ask her to bring the wine, because at least, then, she knows it will be good.


Lead-In Image Courtesy of Gloria Swanson Jr.


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