Top Tunes – The Welcome Campers Edition


AWOPBAMBOOM, Volume 98 – Select Songs for Fellow Travelers


Part of us wish we weren’t traveling this Memorial Day 2019. Why? A most inspired adult-only event is happening in the Berkshires.

It’s called Welcome Campers – part music festival, part sleep-away camp.

There will be dodgeball, arts & crafts, yoga, bunk living — and, yes, nine cool musical performances that will shake Camp Lenox, in Massachusetts, to its core.

Who’s playing? The line-up was just announced last week by organizer The Wild Honey Pie. The featured players are:

  • Aisha Badru
  • Ashe
  • Daisy the Great
  • Half Waif
  • Henry Jamison
  • Plastic Picnic
  • Savoir Adore
  • TORRES; and
  • Wet

In this installment of AWOPBAMBOOM, we’d like to introduce you to Welcome Camper’s line-up. And, who knows, maybe after listening, you’ll be attending summer camp this May in New England.

To learn more about Welcome Campers or to purchase tickets, click here.


Aisha Badru – “Splintered”

Up first is an angel waiting in the wings. Aisha Badru’s voice is sweet and original and already racking up millions of listens on Spotify.


Ashe – “Choirs”

We’re big fans of Ashe, a California singer-songwriter, and featured her before in an earlier round-up last year.


Daisy the Great – “The Record Player Song”

Daisy the Great is a Brooklyn-based outfit. Their “Record Player Song” is a keeper.


Half Waif – “Torches”

Half Waif is the working name of Nandi Rose Plunkett. In Torches, she’s created a slow, synth-y stunner.


Henry Jamison – “Real Peach”

A folksy meditation on love.  It’ll have you “shutting the door” in no time.


Plastic Picnic – “Bite”

Plastic Picnic channels the romantic vibe of the 80s. We highlighted them, as well as this dreamy song, in another round-up last February.


Savoir Adore – “Dreamers”

“Savoir adore” means “to know love.” Whether or not you speak French, you’ll get the drift after hearing this band’s top hit.


TORRES – “Skim”

TORRES, AKA Mackenzie Scott, blends cool and composed rock tunes with electro hooks. “Skim” is just one example, a hypnotic tune with sharp spikes, bound to lure you to shore.


Wet – “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”

There are love letters, and then there are lawn darts to your heart. This one falls into the latter category. So good.


Lead-In Image Courtesy of The Wild Honey Pie

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