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*** Pride and color abounded as the 62nd National Puerto Rican Day Parade marched up Fifth Ave on a sunny-tempered late spring day. Hundreds of thousands waved flags, greeted politicians, and roared as their hometown groups sauntered by, dressed in tradition, singing songs passed through centuries, and prancing to the crowds delight. Prancing indeed up … Continue reading Photo Essay – National Puerto Rican Day Parade – New York City – June 9, 2019

*** Carrie Roble says that no matter where she is, she is at home in the water. She spent summers growing up swimming in the Great Lakes. While attending college in Maine, she was the captain of Bowdoin’s swim team.   She’s been an ocean lifeguard in Los Angeles, and a scuba diver in Western Australia. She has an M.S. … Continue reading Park Over Plastic – Our Q&A with Carrie Roble – Science Director – Hudson River Park Trust

As Memorial weekend officially kicks off the anticipated Hamptons summer season, we have listed five of this year’s must-try epicurean destinations and why they are definitely worth a visit.

One of the great things about proximity to NYC is the opportunity for such day trips as the Museum of Natural History and the Bronx Zoo.