Venus Retrograde Necklace
by Lalimalu

Lisa-Marie Schneider is a South African model and actress who’s creating eye-catching jewelry and must-have bags in Cape Town.

Lisa-Marie’s creations — produced under her Lalimalu label — are earthy and unique while capturing the feel-good spirit and organic beauty of her home continent.

A great example: Lisa-Marie’s Venus Retrograde necklace, a stunning design that can be draped from neck to waist.

The focal point of this beautiful body piece is an original handmade Mali brass centerpiece, which is balanced by labradorite and South African blue lace agate stones, accented by hematite beads, and secured by brass links.

For those in the know, labradorite represents magic, protection, and intuition while blue lace agate symbolizes communication, clarity, and confidence.

Truly a spellbinding piece, this design can be worn in a multitude of ways, whatever the weather, over a bikini, over a chunky knit, under or over a dress.

And all of Lalimalu’s designs include affirmations based on the choice of stone and are handmade to the sounds of mantras right in the heart of Cape Town.

So whether you’re into the sound of yoga “oms” — or just like people oohing-and-aahing around you — this jewelry radiates with fun, energy, and playful abandon.


Please Note: This is a limited edition piece, with only ten being made. Also, the center brass pendant will look exactly like the one in the following image:

Above image courtesy of Melissa Cucci; Other images courtesy of Grit Siwonia


Sizing: Fits US 2/4/6; UK 6/8/10; SA 30/32/34


Price: US$360 / R$5000


Shipping Information: Ships worldwide; different options available during checkout.


About Lalimalu:

Lalimalu is the creation of model, actress and designer Lisa-Marie Schneider, who draws her inspiration from the ancient traditions of Africa, the mysticism of Eastern healing, and the Yogic secrets to a blissful life.

Growing up on the southern shores of Africa, Lisa-Marie spent much of her childhood exploring her enchanting natural surroundings.  A tomboy at heart, she was happier digging in the garden than playing dress up with the other girls.  It was on a family road-trip to Namibia that Lisa-Marie first experienced the beauty of crystals, and at the tender age of ten, a lifelong love affair with them was born.

At 15, Lisa-Marie was discovered by an agent for Boss Models and the next ten years were spent traveling around the globe, experiencing the wonders of various cultures, traditions, and religions.

Lisa-Marie has since developed a distinguished range of jewelry and accessories, sought after around the world.  She takes enormous pleasure in seeking out the earth’s most powerful, healing stones and combining them in such a way that she creates potent protective talismans.

Lisa-Marie’s passion is to help her clients find what they search for, whether it be insight, love, harmony, abundance, health, focus, fertility…  her ranges are highly personalized, ever evolving, and always exciting and stylish.


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