Via Tania LP
by Narooma Records

“Immersive” is a perfect word to describe the music of Via Tania, nee Tania Bowers.

Via Tania and the Tomorrow Music Orchestra is the Australian singer’s latest offering, and places the listener in a tranquil frame of mind. The chamber orchestra music is both future-forward and retro; the breathy vocals never aggressive. Together, they form an irresistible sound that you can’t ignore.

This c has already done big things, and Via Tania and the Tomorrow Music Orchestra should, in a just world, take her to the next level.

The album was premiered in the New York Times “Press Play” section, and has garnered high praise from various media outlets.

“Via Tania will be a major contender” – Pitchfork

“Light-headed romantic gently struts sneaky stuff… Tania May-Bowers murmurs and coos like Björk’s goofy little sister” – Spin

“Be bewitched” – Vogue

Take a trip with Via Tania. It’s a fun and original ride.



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