Who Is Aamir Khan And What Are Some Of His Best Films?

The Indian film industry is steadily consolidating its position in the world as being one of the largest film industries of the 21st century. From occupying a tiny cusp of the entertainment industry in the 20th century, Bollywood, as it is called in India, has shown great promise in making its presence felt in far reaching destinations.

Today the watcher of an an Indian “Hindi” film is more than a local. He or she is a globetrotting, multiplex-loving individual who enjoys watching movies filled with fun, romance, music and world culture.

There are legions of fans of our brand of movies who evidently fall in love with an interesting turnstile of emotions, along with an endless saga of tragedies and a distinct serving of humor.

While a granny sitting in London would become one with the story of a son separated from his family, on the verge of reconciliation… the grandpa sitting in North India would love to explore the action comedy based on cultural differences of North versus South India, as it gives him a chance to revisit the energy of his own youth.

Then there are the colorful and sometimes melodramatic dances that enthrall our viewers. While we can be spared for not being too subtle in our color coordination of the gothic costume dramas that make our stars look a bit goofy at times, the sheer interplay of emotions, married to a catchy ensemble of dialogue writing, make our movies as serious as deep, and as jovial as kind, in its ultimate purpose of delivery.

Some giants of our cinema have enjoyed a global fan-following, starring in a wide array of movies whose popular appeal have struck chords with audiences worldwide.

In this feature, we explore the journey of one of the finest and most successful actors hailing from India… Aamir Khan


With a tally of over 50 commercial and documentary films, ranging from drama, comedy, action and suspense, Aamir Khan is firmly on the path of further expanding his prolific and already successful resume in the Indian film industry.

Back in India, the 50-year-old superstar is loved and adored as a good-looking but equally smart and clever actor, often known for exploring every minute detail of his performance so that each of his movies are remembered as an unforgettable one.

While the actor has been in the business for over three decades, here are some of our favorite Khan films from the past ten years.


Like Stars On Earth (Taare Zameen Par), 2007 –

Khan directed this touching story of a small school kid stuck with dyslexia. Khan himself played the child’s friendly and encouraging art teacher.


Dhoom 3, 2013 –

The final installment to an action thriller ensemble made on typical Bollywood formula of action, romance and thrill, Khan moved audiences with an enigmatic and surprising double role. His chemistry with his heroine Katrina didn’t hurt either.


Rang De Basanti, 2006 –

Khan stars as the hard-talking, funny, patriotic, college-going revolutionary in “Rang De Basanti”, acknowledged as his most memorable performance. Thanks to Khan, the film raked in the rupees and the awards. If you like this one, we also recommend Lagaan and Mangal Pandey.


3 Idiots, 2009  –

This dramedy captured audiences imaginations around the world… Part journey, part nostalgia, very inspirational.


Talaash, 2012 –

Of late, Khan has been known to visit unchartered territories in Bollywood that many stay away from. But what’s the fun if you see Khan in repetitive Hindi film roles? In “Talaash” (meaning “Search”), he completely shocked audiences with his intense portrayal of a cop out to avenge the brutal death of a mystery glam-woman. But what’s so surprising in this? We won’t tell. Surprisingly, Aamir’s own performance was almost overshadowed by the film’s slightly different storyline.


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Image Courtesy of Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com