Why Not Exercise In Blue Jeans?

Okay, so I had this lazy idea . . . I would wear a pair of blue jeans for a workout with my personal trainer.

I figured:

1. Jeans have been around for a long time.
2. They never go out of style.
3. They’re rugged.
4. They’re not uncomfortable.
5. We used to wear them as kids during playtime.

So, yeah, I wore my jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt to meet my trainer, who automatically thought to himself: “What the fuck? Why is my adult client wearing blue jeans to an exercise session?”

But you know what, it wasn’t all that bad.

The denim didn’t take away much from our outdoor workout.

Sure, cotton is a little more absorbent than most fibers, but it’s not that itchy and it’s meant to take a grass stain or two.

Also, while denim may not be as flexible as other sporty blends, it didn’t detract from several sets of stretches, lunges, pull-ups and light jogs. I was breathless, dizzy and fatigued all the same.

The major downside to wearing jeans during your workout? You sweat a bit more and get some funny looks . . . so next time I’m wearing head and wristbands. Fuck it, folks, Blue Thunder’s ready for the infield.


NOTE: The staff of NewsWhistle does not agree with the above opinions of Dan, AKA Blue Thunder. We heartily advise that you wear sports apparel that is stylish, airy, appropriate, and non-chafing. 


Stock Photo Courtesy of chaos/Shutterstock.com